COLLECTIVE action happens when people agree to use their own money to create something together.

Are you excited to hear the news about the Great Barrier system and want to make a collective?

COLLECTIVE action happens when people use their own money to create something.

First we need to find a latex manufacturing company that wants to make the tools we will use to make the latex parts.
Once a company will make the equipment, then the collective BUYS the equipment. Some local business could be the sponsor
who rents the building and uses the outside as their billboard.
It will be like starting a business, but you don’t need to open a bank account. You need to have connections to people
who want to do this with you. COLLECTIVE action happens when people use their own money to create something.
If you can form /fund a collective to manufacture these, you can get the license to begin. Everyone chooses their own level of participation and $$$ used. Example: A real estate agent rents an old dental laboratory, and a builder remodels it for required Good Manufacturing standards. Their good deeds for the community serve as marketing for their own enterprises, as the community organizes around the collective efforts. Any concerned citizens purchase equipment and donate it, while some use their volunteer status to provide prevention education with free samples that they earned. Each volunteer becomes a self-directed distributor of education and prevention. Mark-up is 2% MAXIMUM.
Many people will organize licensed collectives worldwide, which will be run by trained volunteers.
The volunteers would be given latex barriers for their own use and to give away or sell for no more than 2% MARKUP or two PENNYs per barrier over costs. So each ordinary person volunteering becomes a self-designated distributor. Any collective licensed and using the manufacturing standards could ship worldwide. LATEX is 4th most renewable substance in world resources.

Of course, this WILL CREATE JOBS. The people who train the volunteers, the people who operate the manufacturing equipment will be full time jobs.
The trained volunteers will be paid in finished latex or panties of any kind. The collective may choose to buy panties, to make panties or to only make latex that fit certain styles. ALL COLLECTIVES must make some of all GBB….a womens collective needs to make some anal protections, and a mostly REARGUARD making collective needs to make some vaginal liners. We want everyone to be protected!

No corporations would be licensed to make the latex portions, aka the vaginal liners, to avoid profit making in reproductive health worldwide by NON-HUMAN entities. Sponsored /lowered costs would help lower birth rates worldwide and could help prevent some of the physical and mental damage of abortions today.