Reasons Why

Some of the reasons given by some men that they don’t like male condoms:

  • 1.) Once the foreplay has begun, stopping to put on the condom is a serious interruption. (Women have also said this is true.)
  • 2.) They are made too small.
  • 3.) The ring at the top is too tight.
  • 4.) The sensation of touch is reduced.
  • 5.) Being as a guy can’t keep them in his wallet anymore, they are a #*&!# to carry around. (Hey, maybe this is why women buy most of them — they have purses.)
  • 6.) The male sex organ can tell the difference between wet and dry; the inside of a condom is dry.
  • 7.) Condoms have unappealing smell, taste, and the touch is greasy.
  • 8.) Condoms must be properly applied, with motor control skills, smooth clean hands and light. Not all these factors are available for every man, every time.
  • 9.) Sometimes a condom can slip off from pre-ejaculate fluid.
  • 10.) The cost — it’s one more thing: flowers, gas, dinner, movie…and condoms