Latex Equipment Makers

Here are the areas that must be covered for the manufacturing collectives to begin set-up.

For the best interests of world health and world populations together and separately, we need to provide BARRIER METHODS to all people worldwide.

If a Malaysian rubber manufacturer wanted to supply the specific latex, and lab equipment manufacturers would provide steel tanks for dipping the latex and the vulcanizing ovens, and garment manufacturers wanted more panty sales, then it would be possible to make a world-wide presentation for collective manufacturing.  ANY manufacturer who is first to license will certainly gain an impressive share of market attention!

The license to manufacture the latex portions would be NON-EXCLUSIVE so any collective could buy equipment from the LICENSED manufacturers of panties or latex dipping tanks, or any other supplies need by the LICENSED COLLECTIVES.  ALL MANUFACTURING COMPANIES OR GROUPS will have quality control reviews, and rotating three year contracts to insure GMP standards.

Any manufacturer considering an application, please use the CONTACT form to send your intentions and information.

Women GBB in-use diagram

Shows 1-2-3panties insert in-use position. NOTE seal & lube OPTIONAL in most uses.